Awarded pictures

Ferenc started to photograph nature and wildlife in order to replace collection of plants during his M.Sc. studies in the 1980s. Since that he has become a keen amateur nature photographer. He won several awards at the greatest Hungarian competitions „Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and „Meeting Nature” and the Russian “Golden Turtle” photo contest. His work has been published in many magazines and books, including National Geographic, Természetbúvár, FotoMozaik, and many others. He had several exhibitions with or without co-artists in Hungary, Germany and France. His images represented Hungary in the 2007 ERSAF exhibition, Milan, Italy. In 2000 he became the member of the Hungarian Society of Nature Photographers, naturArt and he was elected to be the steering committee member of the society in the same year. From 2015 he is the vice president of the Association.

Ferenc has photographed on 6 continents from New Zealand to Guatemala. He has used a variety of film cameras, primarily 35mm and 6x6cm, but he switched to digital Canon cameras in 2007.


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